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The Interfaith association has the primary aim of uniting all religions and religious beliefs on a single thread of humanity and civic responsibility. People living in different parts of the world are divided by themselves, by the ruling sections and their lifestyle into innumerable categories. This division may be beneficial for administrative purpose and for ensuring governmental benefits to the deserving divisions. However, for the success of many social and human movements, this division becomes a barrier.

The barrier can be removed only by concepts which are strong enough to influence communities at all levels of living conditions. If you take any popular sport like football or cricket, they can act as unifying forces, but with limited spread. You cannot expect all women, children and struggling sections to enjoy football when they have their immediate survival in question. The United Nations and NGOs have volunteers to serve the oppressed population, but cannot be relied upon for unification on a world-wide scale that can take up one of the biggest global issues of climate change. This is where Interfaith can act the best.

There may be many religions followed like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddism, Jainism, Jew etc, each differing in principles preached and practices followed. Their unique Crypto Wealth-like power to make their followers believe in whatever they preach and adopt their rules is something that can be the biggest driving force for campaigns fighting climate change. Interfaith has worked to combine religious dialogues to put an end to activities which are destroying the natural world and instead support movements and activities aimed at the revival of a healthy environment.

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Interfaith Climate Change Statement to World Leaders was handed over by a young faith leader, surrounded by faith leaders to H.E. Mogens Lykketoft, President of the UN General Assembly at the UN Church Centre, April 18th 2016. Credit. Paul Hunt/ WCC

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