The Green side of faith is the need of the hour. We start the fight to save our planet, our human race and our humanity. Humans are on the top of the food chain and on the emotional chain an if we are able to direct human emotions towards the benefit of every single form of life in their natural eco-system, then half the job is done. If countries can turn foe in the name of faith and communities can kill each other in the name of religion, the ideal way to channel all these negative energies into a positive direction is to unite them in the name of faith.

Religions are led and spread by leaders, like in every association. We have these leaders engage in mutual dialogues with each other advocating their followers to support the cause of reversing climate change. The people who have faith in one religion may be following the teachings of that particular faith and so do others. When all of them stand for one practice, the methods for reviving the health of our planet, to help other living beings survive fearlessly, we need awareness that can penetrate through all kinds of shields, spread across all forms of boundaries and create a real mass initiative. The initiative should not die out, it has to continue endlessly and help people realize that the true meaning of faith is to stand for each other and remain unified, instead of fighting to survive.

There is an opportunistic notion among the vast majority of world citizens that as a single person they cannot contribute towards a greener earth and if as one person is throwing a plastic cover on the soil or emit greenhouse gases via a single vehicle, it will not create any appreciable difference to the climate. The point to be remembered by every one of us here is that if all the citizens think erstwhile on both sides, the mass effect is going to drive the climate towards the uninhabitable level at an accelerated rate.

If you think in a reverse way, on seeing one of doing the right way, the observers will be eager to follow you and the cumulative effect is sure to be pleasing for our future. If one person found tremendous success by using the Tesler App, he can confidently encourage others to use it and the remaining will be happy to follow the same path. So, be ready to be the good change and you will be soon in the majority crowd.

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