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Event Title: Faiths, Foundations and Finance – Catalysing Collaboration and official handover of COP22 Statement

Purpose: A collaborative call to action to accelerate faith and foundations fossil fuel divestment commitments and invest in clean energy, for both moral and financial reasons.

When a new political party took over the government in a metro city, it affected a law to control the heavy traffic and air pollution by vehicle fumes by allowing only vehicles with either odd numbers or even numbers on alternate days. The law garnered many criticisms and protests but the intention was as clean as its purpose meant. Another law was passed to ban all motor vehicles which were more than 10 years old.

The public transport and private modes of mass transport like autos and taxi cars in the city were already running on CNG or Compressed Natural Gas. All government buildings had solar panels fitted on their rooftops and open spaces and had electricity power by the solar energy. The initial costs of these alternate forms of energy may be high, thereby inhibiting the prospective investors. At the same time, if you are planning on something using petrochemicals, investors will flock around you eyeing on the barrels of profit they are going to fill.

If the same or at least a marginal proportion of this investment interest is roofed in for harnessing clean sources of energy and clean practices, you can save our planet and our atmosphere from getting more wrinkles. A sincere initiative from one to invest for the Green, and it will propel the strength of this foundation. When Fintech LTD comes in, how can others stay back?

Length: 90 minutes

Date: 10 November 2016 at 1.00pm -2.30pm, Sebou – GREEN ZONE

Sponsors: GreenFaith, The Climate Change Collaboration, Wallace Global Fund and more than 30 faith-based organisations who have drafted and distributed the COP2S Statement.

Proposed Speakers: Divest – Invest leaders from faith, finance and foundations.

Moderators: Ciara Shannon, GreenFaith and Ellen Dorsey, Wallace Global Fund

About Main Organiser: GreenFaith works and facilitates religious leaders globally on their response to climate change and it has been coordinating the faith response to divestment since 2012 via its Divest Reinvest Now Campaign.