Recognize the play of artificial intelligence in your life

We are not talking about any IBM applications here, but some of the most common slots where artificial intelligence (AI) fits in to combine sophistication and routine in the most seamless manner. Some of you might have noticed the playoff AI in your day-to-day life, while others may not. Still, these are some of the simplest examples of how smart you can make your business naturally. Many of us actually live by it every minute.

Browse everything and AI is your lifeline

I am a ‘googlist’ who has the habit of looking into Google and searching for any topic that arises in my mind any time. Going further extreme, I usually type the first couple of letters or phrases and then wait for pop-down options to appear in the search column, and in most occasions, my keywords come down. How does the search tool display the topic in our mind? By using AI. This is called predictive analysis where the tool collects your search preferences and history and combines them with the trend and matching topics.

Reach anywhere by standing on an escalator

72 Gates to go to reach your boarding point inside the airport! It is a cakewalk for us now because the moment you step on to the escalator belt with your entire luggage, it starts moving and you jump out with ease. You are visiting the biggest mall in your place and traversing up and down on the lift will not give you the same joy of witnessing the mall life and moving. Again, this is the AI moving the escalator when you raise your feet. Similar is the example of the entrance opening when you reach near, instead of a manual operator or security opening it. Or showing your hand in between the lift doors to prevent their closure.

Earn points and currency on the Internet with a simple profile

Online gaming is the most popular hobby for the young techie generations. With improvements in technology, competition and user competence the game makers are leaving no gap to push the games ahead of time by incorporating automation in driving, scheduling etc, smart behavioral devices, pattern recognition etc into them. Why would the puzzle solvers stand back? Your best trading partner and the loyal puzzle solving Crypto Code are software robots running purely on AI-based technology.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Next time when you use the voice-to-text option, automatic customer care service, spam folder in the email, security devices, E-Commerce advertisements, selecting news feed etc, do not forget to thank AI.