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OFFICIAL STATEMENT HANDOVER EVENT ON 18th APRIL 2016 at the United Nations Church Centre, New York

On 18th April 2016, the Statement will be officially handed over by eminent religious leaders to the President of the UN General Assembly, H.E. Mogens Lykketoft of Denmark at an event at the United Nations Church Centre, near the UN Headquarters, New York from 11am -12pm.

The handing over will open a new chapter in the big open of the United Nations on the practical measures to fight climate change due to increasing pollution, the release of greenhouse gases and indiscriminate disruption of natural ecosystems. Many associations and wings were created by including government representatives, legal experts, climate scientists and planning members. The activities of these bodies are still undergoing progress and have been relentlessly continuing to meet the pace they targeted at various stages. River cleaning projects, reduction of greenhouse emissions, afforestation etc are being carried out in different pocket regions, under the guidance of a local body or social organizations. However, none of these efforts have created a more mass effect strong enough to stir a collective effort over wider horizons. And, this is exactly what the numerous efforts fall short of achieving the desired result.

When you start a project of river cleaning, it is not limited to a single region. The river flows through various locations, various communities and sometimes more than one country. Hence, the cleaning project should cover the entire length of its flow for producing the benefit. Similarly, when you take an action to save a particular ecosystem, only when all the related ecosystems are also considered, the true effect comes into place.

The statement is supported by the top leaders of various faiths, combining the people belonging to multiple nations, social and economic strata and religion. With such a powerful medium of communication capable of exerting big influence, the current plan can bridge the gap between the existing activities to improve the earth’s ecosystem. It can act as a harmonium string to coordinate all such steps towards a common goal. This is essential for improving the impact of the statement as we saw in the case of Bitcoin Society App contributing to the global trading platform. When it gets into the official plan chart of the United Nations, it will get a better agenda of proceeding further to really gather sincere efforts of climate restoration under a single, global realm.

A press conference will follow immediately after the event.