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  •  Press Release – 10 November, 2016 – Faith Leaders Challenge Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds in COP22 Interfaith Climate Statement: Sever Trillions in Fossil Fuel InvestmentsFor every speech, every statement signed and every event hosted, we have issued articles to be read and understood by the people and the leaders alike. The leader can be a local one or a regional one or the leader of a family, and not of a faith only. If a press release reaches into the hands of any such person, it can be used as a propaganda to spread our cause because we do not otherwise release any promotional material for the public except for the news items.

    Publicity is not something we would like to fall on us, the event conductors, as we prefer to remain backstage and where we stand is immaterial for the conduct and success of the event. When traders achieve wins after wins, it does not get influenced by the knowledge of where the Bitcoin Code robot designer is located.  The statement has the leaders an the participants as the strength.

    We do require promotion and that is not for recruiting participants. For, this job is actively taken by the awareness created by the faith leaders among their followers. Publicity is needed for attracting investors, as the switchover of technologies to eco-friendly ones and the curb of existing pollutants, as well as environmental studies surely need funds for completion. For example, engines were designed first to run on coal. When a better resource of energy was discovered in diesel, the technology and the engines had to be remodeled and manufactured. The governments and big companies did not lack funds for this. Now, we are advocating for replacing fossil fuels to be replaced by alternate and renewable sources of energy. These sources do not emit any harmful byproducts into the environment as they tap the clean forms of energy available in the nature to convert into the form of energy used by humans.

    We focus on investments because all the clean technologies are heavy on initial investment and hence might not be that attractive for the capital-oriented investors. However, once the devices get going, there is not looking back and can establish a real return on investment in terms of profit on the long-time as a lifeline for a healthier environment.


  •  Connected News – 10 November, 2016 Islamic Society of North America becomes world’s first Muslim institution to divest – Move coincides with statement from eminent faith leaders, including the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, calling on global financiers to divert cash from fossil fuels to renewables.