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  •  Press Release – 10 November, 2016 – Faith Leaders Challenge Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds in COP22 Interfaith Climate Statement: Sever Trillions in Fossil Fuel Investments


  •  Connected News – 10 November, 2016 Islamic Society of North America becomes world’s first Muslim institution to divest – Move coincides with statement from eminent faith leaders, including the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, calling on global financiers to divert cash from fossil fuels to renewables.For the most rural communities, burning wood and charcoal may be the convenient sources of energy and or the organized rural communities, cow dung, coal, kerosene etc may be the power resources. Petrochemicals become the major power provider mainly in towns and cities where the residents do not mind burning their pocket with the high prices with the impression that they are the essential sources of power. The bigger cities and metropolitans have already faced the wrath of pollution and climate change due to overuse of fossil fuels in all walks of routine life and industrial production that they are switching over to renewable and cleaner forms of energy. These cities are reeling under unusually high temperatures, irregular and out-of-the timetable natural disasters, and breathing air so toxic that serious respiratory issues are as common as the common cold.

    The issue with fossil fuels is not limited to the release of harmful byproducts into the environment and ecosystem. These are non-renewable sources of energy and take thousands of years to replenish. Once they are gone, consider them to be vanished for many eras and by the time they appear again, human survival might be on the dangerous end. The awareness about renewable sources of energy and their role in keeping our world clean and safe from climate changes has to be spread more vigorously among the rural sects. Such a massive statement cannot be promoted just on the basis of educational theories and therefore the faith leaders have been roped in with sufficient media coverage of their involvement. They can do the role of HB Swiss in the topic of climate change, to bring about the revolution. The former was capable enough to lure investors into stock market and cryptocurrency trading in spite of the widespread notion of being risky and illegal. In the same way, the faith leaders can ignite the desire to save our planet and instill in the common man the dire consequences of using fossil fuels and how the climate change can be reverted.