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You can add your name to the Interfaith Climate Change Statement (2016) as an individual, or as an organisation, community or group.

The name can be entered as a full-term investor, a small-term investor, a participant or a volunteer. We value and more than us, our earth values any kind of contribution from your side. Give your name to be included in our list of signatories and become a part of our Interfaith community, crossing boundaries and seas. Although this membership is not as high-profile as the inclusion of your name in the Crypto VIP Club, you can get the same level of immense satisfaction of being associated with probably the biggest action towards a greener and safer earth till now.

No complex policy changes, no strict enforcement of laws and no abiding by top officials. This event revolves around the propagation of use of renewable resources, environment- saving activities and ecosystem stabilizing practices that you can follow, under the guidance of our faith leaders and self-conscience. A single solar panel on your rooftop will reduce the burden on our electricity bill, powerhouse and our small world and you might need to spend a pinch of extra money for a lifetime benefit. If you want to record this step in the history of green movements, forward us a signature and you will be an inspiration to many.

“Why did you keep that panel?” your neighbor will ask and the reply you give can motivate him also to follow the same path of green energy and clean earth.  Our list has sufficient space to add his name also and his neighbor and so on. If you are the chosen representative of your locality or community, then the impact you can create is beyond a signature. Encourage group activities with a single step by introducing renewable sources of energy and sustainable practices and the nearby community will get inspired by you.

Paste a photograph of our event being supported by an influential faith follower of your area and it is sure to make many heads turn in the right direction. Initiate the change in your organization and trigger off the chain reaction towards a global action for sustaining humanity and a healthy world.


Add your name as an individual.


Add your name as a community, organisation or group.