Thank you for joining us in our social media campaign to promote the #COP22FaithStatement and our Nov 10 event.

Please click here to read the full social media comms pack which provides lots of useful information to do social media for the #COP22FaithStatement.

Feel free to use any of the hashtags below, sample tweets and memes in your social media for the #COP22FaithStatementNone of the hashtags should be used to market the Statement. The sole purpose of the hashtags is to garner maximum support for the event from all faiths and create a huge joint force with the same goal of dealing with climate change. You can add keywords like Ethereum Code or Bitcoin wallet to inform the modes of investment for the event. These modes may need a pushing since legal involvement may make the investors hesitant. All types of investments for the Statement are devoid of legal or tax obligations and the investors can even claim tax rebates for themselves using the donation.

Hashtags to Use

  • Please note that our main hashtag is #COP22FaithStatement (which we ask you to include in the body of your text)
  • Our other main hashtags are #Faiths4DivestInvest #Faiths4ClimateAction – (which we have used before)
  • We will always include #COP22 (so it gets picked up by the global COP22 hashtag)

1. To Promote #COP22FaithStatement 

Twitter: Sample tweets include: You choose

  • Sign#COP22FaithStatement to ​call 4 URGENT #ClimateAction #Faiths4DivestInvest​ ​#COP22 (add in meme)
  • Faith leaders call 4 #governments 2 #divestinvest. Sign #COP22FaithStatement #Faiths4ClimateAction #COP22   (add in meme)

Facebook: Sample Facebook Posts: You choose

  • All of us, all over the world, are already experiencing the early stages of climate change in some form or other. Confronting this crisis is the great moral imperative of our time. It requires urgent, transformative action to slow (and hopefully reverse) the acceleration of global warming that is now underway. Together, we can make a difference! SIGN the #COP22FaithStatement and SPREAD THE WORD.  #Faiths4ClimateAction #COP22 #ClimateAction
  • Global warming and climate change threatens life as we know it. We don’t have to sit around and watch this happen. Together, we can call for transformative action. How? SIGN the COP 22 Interfaith Climate Statement and SPREAD THE WORD.
    #COP22FaithStatement #Faiths4ClimateAction #COP22 #ClimateAction

2. To Promote Registration to our Event on Nov 10 – Twitter

  • Join #COP22FaithStatement #DivestInvestEventNOV10 #COP22 REGISTER  (add in ‘join our event’ meme)

3. The Event as it Happens – Twitter

  • BREAKING: #COP22FaithStatement delivered @ #COP22 #DivestInvestEventNOV10 #Faiths4ClimateAction #Faiths4DivestInvest  ​(add in photo)