See translations of the COP22 Statement below.

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Thank you to the translators that have helped translate the COP22 Interfaith Statement. Why do we give the translations? That is because our movement is not undertaken and accomplished by government representatives or civic bodies, but the common humanity, who live and rule the earth and in turn chose the representatives to make their life comfortable. Although their choice may falter in many occasions, in this Statement, the actions are done by them and spread by them and an individual from the southern hemisphere should not depend on a person from the northern hemisphere to understand the Statement.

Not all and not even a majority of the world population got the opportunity to travel to other places and get the experience of learning a different community, language or lifestyle. This cannot be called a limitation because to lead a good life, they need not adopt to others, instead of mutual respect and individual freedom count more for survival. By translating the Statement into multiple local languages, we are respecting this freedom and converting the limitation in participation to an opportunity to take part in our global event.

When a trader from Sri Lanka tries to carry out some trade market transactions by selecting a software from the Top 10 Crypto Robots site, he should not depend on an individual from an English speaking country for the same. An Arabic national involved in farming in a remote desert patch should not miss the chance to be a part of the earth-saving campaign only because he is not able to reach it locally. If the Statement happens to be flashed on any medium under his notice, he can act on it, if the language is Arabic.  COP22 Statement is not aimed at making people realize their origin from different communities, speaking diverse languages but to understand that whichever be the language used to write it, the message and action are the same.

Thank you to the translators that have helped translate the COP22 Interfaith Statement.

If you don’t see a translated version of the Statement in your language – would you like to volunteer to translate it for us? If yes, we’d love your help  – please contact us via the contact us page. Thank you.